Stargazing On Exmoor

Designated the first dark sky reserve in Europe and second in the world, stargazing on Exmoor is a truly magical experience and one not to be missed! Bedrooms at Longstone Bed & Breakfast are equipped with telescope’s, ensuring our guests have the best chance of catching that shooting star or passing planet.

Exmoor national park has very little light pollution such as streetlights and busy roads. These unshielded lights send their lights in all directions including up, setting the night skies aglow very much like the sun does during the day. Often light pollution is over looked, however Exmoor stargazers are rewarded with spectacular star filled skies and magnificent views across the cosmos.

Map of Exmoor’s Top Stargazing Locations –

Exmoor National Park – One of the Best Stargazing Locations in the World!

Don’t take our word for it, check out the world pollution map to see for yourself how clear Exmoor’s skies are compared to town’s and cities across the world!